Datamills 4.0

Technology, accurate Information and quick decision making

Does this make sense for your business? If your answer is yes, then your business/industry needs to take the next step!

The Datamills 4.0 is our platform capable of capturing data in an analytical form, either by manual entry (industry 3.0), or by automated entry (industry 4.0), that integrates with the corporate system and that puts your business/industry one step above the competitors.

Innovation and technology

Accurate information

Quick Decision Making

The industry has evolved, and your business needs to be a part of this new context. The fast-strategic information is the basis for the right decision, whether to correct the direction of the business or better position a product or brand.

What we do

Datamills 4.0 allows the exchange of data from the production equipment to the corporate ERP system in an automated, agile and reliable way. We deliver strategic data to the ERP, such as dynamic dashboards with real-time operational results on any device, whether it is a smart tv, a tablet, a notebook or a smartphone.

Equipment monitoring Industry 4.0

By capturing production data directly from automation, it is possible to monitor the status of each process variable, generating alerts for operators or managers, making operational control more effective.

Monitoring of the water and effluent treatment plant

Monitor effluents and avoid possible damage to the environment, all in a simple and visual way.

Monitoring of the water and effluent treatment plant

Monitor effluents and avoid possible damage to the environment, all in a simple and visual way.

Monitoring of consumption of chemical inputs

Identifying and being sure of the correct dosage of chemical inputs in the process is the guarantee of quality and economy.

And much more…

Real Time Data

Since we are hosted in the cloud, the data will be accessible from anywhere on Earth, making your management and Data knowledge a click away.


Our team will take care and safeguard your data, maintaining the health of the database, as well as updated backups in order to keep the platform available at all times, without interruptions, ensuring accessibility and consistency at all times.

What if I have any problems?

Our team will be available in different types of media: help desk platform, whatsapp, telegram, in short, we’ll do everything to support and solve the problems as soon as possible.

No rework

Through interfaces with other systems or platforms, we avoid rework and guarantee data consistency, effectiveness in operations, in addition to reducing efforts and resources in routine operations.

Cloud Platform

No need of investments in server, database, licenses, etc.

Rapid Deployment

Evolution of your industry in less than 60 days

Best Cost/Benefit

Scalable per user and access to all your queues

We integrate with the main ERP’s in the market

Some of our clients

The time has come for you to take the next step in your industry

Take the leading role in the sector aided by a system that acts on your side to improve your business.

Marcos Stiborski


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